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Built for agencies and design professionals

Frustrated with Wordpress, Shopify or Magento? 

Populate was created to allow design and creative professionals to deliver ecommerce, PIM and content managed projects with ruthless efficiency.

Your internal team can build your sites on the Populate platform using HTML, JS, and CSS. We can assist, support or take on any part of the build you want. Develop your own themes and re-use them as many times as you want, creating duplicate projects with a few clicks.

Populate's cloud based approach streamlines the set up, delivery, maintenance and support of your project by reducing the repetition of mundane tasks before, during and after the build phase.

Populate's modular approach allows modules to be built for specific projects that plug into the main system, utlising all of the standard features in order to minimise development time while taking advantage of the ongoing development of the main platform.

How does Populate fit into your project lifecycle?

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Project manager

The project manager can set up other administrators and can control their privileges on a granular level.


The copywriter can be given access only to the areas of the site that are relevant to them. By creating articles and other content directly in the admin, labour and potential errors are reduced.


You continue to offer translation services to your client but managing this is much more streamlined with Populate's translation tools.

CPC manager

Your Google Adword management can utilise Populate's built-in tools to streamline their work. All ecommerce tracking is fully integrated for tag manager or standard tracking making it easy for them to define funnels and goals track order success. Populate also has built in merchant center feeds.

SEO Manager

Populate has been built from day one to be SEO friendly. You have full control of the meta of every page, OG data is automatic. There are automatic robot.txt, google sitemaps, merchant feeds, 404 page, automated ecommerce and Adword tracking. Links to all internal pages are built dynamically and there is dynamic 301 redirecting to updated URLs and the ability to create a 301 remap to manage migration from another system. Each language version of a site is fully indexable on its own TLD.

Product team

The client's product team can be given access to the admin and have privileges to all of the site, just the products they manage or just a selection of products, set either manually or by product type.

Fullfillment operative

The fulfilment team can be given restricted access to just the fulfillment control panel so that they can pick an order and get it ready for dispatch without being able to view the financial aspect of an order or access any other customer or site content.

Customer manager

Restricted access can be granted to the customer team so that they can view and edit customer information, can view and create customer orders but cannot affect product information or change any of the site content.

Marketing manager

The marketing manager can create offer codes and see their success rates, can create adverts but can be blocked from changing site content and from viewing and editing any other information such as user or order data.


The client can appoint a translator and give them restricted access to the admin so that they can enter the translated copy themselves without access to anything except an assigned subset of languages.


Your designer is free to do what they do best,.. design. Either use your in house developers or use the Populate developers to make their vision a reality.


Your developers have full access to the front end code, either via the admin based template editor or via (s)ftp if they are a power user. Your developers will have full access to our default template sets and can use any part of the html, css or javascript as a starting point for your projects. These will give all of the information they need to access the various variables and API end points to complete the project and at any point they can use the guides or the support ticketing system to ask any questions.


Support is fully integrated, not just for you but your client. If they are having trouble finding a piece of text in the admin or getting a product record updated, we deal with that so you don't have to.

Server manager

We manage everything on the servers: sourcing, monitoring, security, software upgrades, migration so that you don't have to.


We manage all of the security: Software versions/patches and secure certificates, All of the server side code is written by us and continuously pen tested. Because this is performed at platform level it is easily repeatable so a more cost effective use of time.


We are there to support your designers and developers with answers to any questions or problems they might have as part of your subscription fee. If you need us to write and code on your behalf we are ready to jump in as soon as you need us. We will also provide a fixed price quote to take on any projects or parts of a project you can't, don't want to, or are too busy to build.

We are used to taking visuals from Figma, XD or photoshop and making them a thing of fully-reponsive beauty.

Compliance manager

GDPR, cookies and PCI are all managed at platform level by us so you don't need to waste precious time dealing with these on an individual project basis.

Data officer

Interaction with the databases is only done with Populate code. This means we are responsible for all of the data processing and the implications this has for GDPR.

Admin developer

We are continuously evolving and updating the admin, as new practices are required or desired these are seamlessly added to the platform and all projects benefit. If something bespoke is required for your project we will build it and it is exclusively yours for use in any of your projects, we typically put a front end template in place to render the new content type either completely finished or with just the variables in place for your developer to style.

Output : API

Data from your Populate project can be accessed via the API for use in your app. We have REST API endpoints in place for all of our standard content and additional endpoints can be added if required.

Output : Hosted web application

Content from Populate is normally delivered as a website in our hosted web environment. Our centralised system makes creating, building, maintaining, securing, updating, monitoring and decommissioning highly efficient.

Output : Bespoke

Populate content can also be delivered in less conventional ways. Past projects have been output as PDFs, XLSs, DOCs and ZIP archives.

We have created a one-click systems that push content to other servers via ftp.


Anything.. literally anything.

We think anything can be content managed. We thrive on the easy stuff, products, orders, users, locations.. but love a challenge - tell us what you need.

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